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-Atlanta, GA USA

Dear Friend, Valued Customer, Fellow Entrepreneur, Future Success Story…

If you’re looking to get traffic to your website or to build your mailing list, then solo ads are the perfect way of doing this.

And now you’ve found the single source for solo ads in the weight loss and diet niche, with the best guarantee in the industry.

Struggling to find Diet and Weight loss Solo Ads?

Finding Weight Loss Solo Ads, Personal Development and Self Improvement Solo Ads isn’t easy. And even when you do find them, often times the list isn’t going to work for you. My solo ads come with what I believe is the most unique guarantee amongst all solo ad vendors. And I’ll explain that in a minute.  

If you have a product or website in the weight loss niche and you’re struggling to get traffic or build your mailing list, then you owe it to yourself to keep reading.

Getting traffic to your website isn’t ever easy, especially in competitive niches such as weight loss or fitness. And, let’s face it, you don’t just want traffic. You want traffic that will opt-in to your mailing list. If you know anything about internet marketing, you know that “the money is in the list”. Very few people will simply buy something the first time they see it. It’s going to require a targeted campaign and the way to do that is through an email list. Even better, once you have a list, you can keep selling to them.

And that’s exactly what I’m going to give you.

Targeted traffic that will opt-in to your offer. And once they do, they’re on your list forever.

Even better, my traffic is going to come from the US, the UK, Canada and Australia. These are the people who have purchasing power. Getting a large opt-in list from countries that will never buy from you, may make you feel good about your list, but you’re not going to be selling much. In fact, I guarantee you’ll get at least 70% US, 20 % UK, Canada and Australia (and Western Europe).

What type of offers can I send to your solo ad list?

Diet Solo Ads

Products or offerings in the diet niche are perfect for this list. Any type of product centered around the following will benefit from these solo ads: diets, detox, clean eating and healthy living.

Beauty and Skincare Solo Ads

Your solo ad will go to predominantly females age 16-28 so any products related to beauty or skincare should get great results from these solo ads, especially if you can offer a free sample in the case of a physical product.

Weight loss and Fitness Solo Ads

Fitness and weight loss is a evergreen niche. This solo ad will do well, especially for those products related to healthy eating and healthy living.

Health and Healthy living solo ads

My list love products that will help them live a healthier lifestyle. If you have a service or product related to this niche, you’re going to love this solo ad.

I’m Going to Help You Get Hundreds of Subscribers With My Tier-1 Solo Ads!

My email list is built up from members of websites I personally own. This is important. Many solo ad vendors build their list by buying solo ads themselves. Spot the problem? Those lists are not going to convert. It’s simply made up of freebie seekers from other peoples freebie list.

Your solo ad will go out to my mailing list only – no traffic exchanges, safe swaps, pop-unders or anything like that. 

Even better, your ad is the only thing my subscribers will see in the entire email. This is not hidden somewhere in a newsletter or shared with 5 other solo ads. It’s your solo ad being presented to my members in its own email.

Ok, here’s the deal:

I value my members and I won’t spam them. This means they will listen better and respond better to your offer because they trust what I send them.

Your ad must be for a free offer and link directly to a squeeze page. This ensures that my members can quickly understand what is being offered, and easily opt-in to your list. This benefits you so you grow your own mailing list and can continually market to those people from then on.

Your offer must be “all age” appropriate…please, no adult or “mature” content, including any profanity, nudity or otherwise inappropriate material.

What are the benefits of my solo ads?

  • Interest – Only people interested in your ad will respond to your offer, and if they don’t, you won’t be charged.
  • List Building – Build your mailing list fast in the most cost effective manner possible.
  • Over delivery – You can expect to get more clicks than ordered, known as over delivery, at no extra cost to you.
  • Tier-1 Countries – Your clicks will come from Tier-1 countries. These are the countries with purchasing power.

Join My List of Satisfied Customers Who Experienced MASSIVE List Building from My Solo Ads

Ordered 100 clicks, received 136 UNIQUE! And 41 opt-ins to my squeeze page. What more could I ask for. Great seller of solo ads and I’ll be back for more.

Tanya B.
Atlanta, GA

I sell an Anxiety product and it’s hard finding solo ad vendors who cater to this niche. These solo ads worked fantastically. Can you say 38% opt-in? Wow.

Karl W
Indiana, US

What I need from YOU

  1. Your squeeze page and follow-up sequence should be completed before placing an order. I need to review your squeeze page before I can accept your order.
  2. Make sure you provide me the link to include in the email. If you are using click tracking software (you should!) or are doing A/B split testing (you should!), make sure the link you give me is the final working link to include.
  3. Place your order by selecting a package below and then providing your details after payment has been made
  4. I will get back to you to confirm delivery date.
  5. …that’s it! You watch your list grow and let me know how the solo ad went!

The best solo ad guarantee in the business!

Sure, all solo ads guarantee you’ll get the number of clicks you order. I go further. I actually guarantee that you will receive your ordered clicks from Tier-1 countries: US, UK, Canada, Australia and Western Europe.



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PS: I’m convinced my solo ads are going to be the most cost effective way of building your list. Imagine the feeling of seeing your autoresponder telling you that new subscribers have been added, or that wonderful notification from paypal that you’ve received payment. Try it today!

PPS: If you buy a solo ad from me and if you liked the results, please ask me about a 10% discount (refund) in exchange for a testimonial. But only if you’re happy with the result. I don’t want fake testimonials!